Professional Virtual Assistant Solutions

Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant


Outlined is a quick summary of the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant.

The benefits are enormous for smart business owners as follows:

  • Flexibility, work can be done outside of normal business hours
  • No need to provide office space, hardware and supplies as a Virtual Assistant uses her own resources and stationary
  • A Virtual Assistant cares about her business and provides superior service
  • Temp Agencies don't always send the right person for the job and can be guilty of sending unskilled candidates
  • Temp Agencies usually need to be paid for a minimum amount of hours
  • A Virtual Assistant is only paid for the time she spends working
  • A business is able to use the services of the same person over again, whereas this is near impossible with Temps
  • Virtual Assistants are independent business owners thereby eliminating administration on client's behalf with payroll, sick leave and leave payments
  • A Virtual Assistant performs the tasks that you previously may have been wasting your time doing instead of focusing on growing your business. As a business owner you should be outsourcing and delegating the myriad of administrative tasks to an appropriate Virtual Assistant