Professional Virtual Assistant Solutions

Tips for Virtual Working


Be clear about what you want your Virtual Assistant to do

First of all it is a good idea to sit down and brainstorm all the activities you currently do which you would like someone else to do. Then compile a list of all the things you are not getting done, for example:

  • things I would like my VA to do for me
  • things that I wanted to do when I had more time 
Once you have completed the above task, this will allow you to find a Virtual Assistant that has skills and experience to match your requirements.

Articulate your personal quirks

Articulate how you expect things to be done,  such as how you like your day structured, what your response times to enquiries are and how you word your email correspondence.

Be explicit with instructions and deadlines

This may seem to be stating the obvious but it never ceases to amaze how many people issue a request for work to be done without a deadline attached. Then they get annoyed when the work is not completed when they want it! Deadlines can be as specific as ‘Wednesday 3pm’ or as general as ‘by the end of this week’, just ensure you have one.

You also need to be explicit with instructions as it reduces the chance of miscommunication or error. Remember, much of what you do is habit and you can’t assume someone else will think the same way you do.

Agree on work flow processes

Spend time in the early stages of your working relationship agreeing on work flow processes. How will you share information? How will you ensure things don’t slip through cracks or get double handled? How will you issue instructions – verbally or in writing? Will you send requests as they happen or save them up in batches?

Discussing these things up front will minimise the chance of things going wrong.

Be willing to let go

If you are a control freak, the most challenging thing for you would be letting go of tasks and trusting your VA to do a great job. You don’t want to drive your VA crazy by always checking on work and timelines. To help soothe the control freak within you, create processes which ensure you are updated regularly on the progress of work.

Finally remember the “Why”

Realize you have more time! You hired a VA to give yourself more time with your family and friends or to focus on growing your business or to take that weekend away. It is easy to replace “stuff to do” with more “stuff to do.” Check in to make sure you are spending your additional time as you had hoped.

Having a Virtual Assistant can be a wonderful addition to your soloist business. Take the time to create the structures that will support it being a great experience for both of you.