Professional Virtual Assistant Solutions

About me


My name is Lynn Berowsky and like thousands of stay-at-home moms, I had a desire for the following:
  • contribute to the family income
  • wanted to spend more time with my family
  • was dreaming about the day when I could be my own boss
  • wanted to be compensated based on my efforts
  • wanted to put my skills to use while working from home
I wanted a legitimate work from home opportunity that would give me more time with my family, and a chance to use my administrative skills, and have complete control over my career and income potential

Having over 20 years work experience in the Human Resource Administration and PA Field. I decided to leave the workforce as we know it and become a stay at home mom about four years ago, as rewarding as it is to be a homemaker and a full time mom, I still wanted to make a contribution to the family income and to feel like I was adding value and making a difference in this complicated world of work we live in. This is when I decided to start my own business from home and to become a Virtual Assistant. Providing services to my clients that are cost effective, value add and in turn very rewarding for myself.

I also knew that I had great administrative, planning, organising and co-ordination skills and just knew that there had to be a way to use those skills to start my own business and work from home.

About PVAS

I startedProfessional Virtual Assistant Solutions (PVAS) offering administrative support for small and medium-sized businesses in 2010. I provide an administrative support alternative for clients who typically do not have the time or space for full or part-time employees but still have a need for administrative support as larger businesses. 
PVAS works in continuous, collaborative partnership with its clients. My mission is to provide clients with a package of expert, off-site administrative support and other complementary business services that free their time and allow them to focus on revenue-generating activities, ultimately helping them become more successful.